In this post-modern age, everyone in our fast-paced society is pressed for time. We never have enough time to spend with our loved ones, nature, and most importantly, ourselves. So naturally, the short time we have with our loved ones becomes even more valuable and special. The dining room is where we spend the majority of our time with friends and family. Eating our regular meals, celebrating a friend’s birthday party, or gathering with our friends for a sumptuous dinner. Hence, a dining room is thought of as the center of the home where family members can come together and create memories.

Because a dining room set can be a significant investment it is important to ask yourself the following five questions.

1. What suits my style?

Amish made dining room set

Traditional style Amish made dining room set

Your dining room is one of the places where you spend a great deal of time when at home, therefore you must take your style and requirements into account when buying a dining room set. Generally, dining tables can be divided into these style categories.

A rustic or country-style dining table is known for its rough wood look. It works best in traditional spaces but can also be used for everyday informal use.

A traditional dining table has dark wood color and is perfect for a dining room reserved for special, formal occasions. A traditional dining table is typically not best for everyday use.

A modern dining table is generally composed of minimalist designs and can be made of wood, glass, or metal. A modern dining table is best suitable for spaces with contemporary décor and usually requires extra care especially if it’s made of glass. Modern dining tables can be used both formally and in informal, everyday use.

2. What shape is the best for my space?

American made dining room set

American made dining room set with cushioned chairs

Dining tables come in a variety of sizes and styles. A round dining table is able to seat the most people but it requires more space, square tables fit well in tiny spaces, and rectangular tables take up the most space and call for long, narrow regions.

3. What material suits my needs?

Dining tables can be made of a variety of materials and you should choose one according to your requirements and lifestyle. If you have kids or a busy household, you may want to think twice before buying a glass dining table. Wood, metal ceramic, and other man-made options are usually a good choice for a long lasting table. Some people may choose to use wood material for their table and chair frames and then add cushions to the chairs for added comfort.

4. What are my seating choices?

Hardwood Dining Chair Styles

Solid hardwood dining chairs made by Artisan Chairs

If a matching set is not your style, you might purchase chairs in a design that matches the table. Make sure there are 12 inches between the bottom of the table and the seat of the chair for a comfortable chair height. If you have small kids, you might need to invest in extra dining chairs made for kids.

5. What size should the table be?

Generally speaking, you should give between 24 and 30 inches of table space per seat, and also an additional foot for individuals at either end. This implies that six people can ideally sit at a 72-inch rectangular table. Eight people can sit at a circular table of the same size. If you occasionally need extra seating for guests, think about a drop leaf table or an extensible table.


Now that you’re sufficiently knowledgeable, measure your dining room, decide which table shape will fit it the best, and consider which design will look best in your house. The fun part comes next: looking for the perfect table. Happy Shopping!